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Adding Fun To Fitness


Dance, Move, Play
Movement & Music Based Fitness

In the spirit of joy and community, our classes are all about having fun, releasing stress, and building confidence. Set to top 40 and classic hits, Karisma Dance Fitness is a lively and dynamic format incorporating dance styles like Zumba, HipHop, Pop, Afro, and more; with basic aerobic sequences and cardio movements to get your heart pumping. 


Each song is matched with movements that are engaging, dynamic, and easy to follow. There's a class for everyone, depending on your needs.



Senior Activity Program
For Assisted Living Facilities

A fun-filled chair dance aerobics class, arranged with joyous movements that will inspire, motivate and bring smiles to each client’s face through the art of music and movement. This class is set to help improve the residence's range of motion, brain function, coordination, and memory.


Divine dance

Pop-up Workshop

Dance, Move, Play!

Each workshop has a different focus to help guide you on your healing journey. Workshops include holistic dance cardio, self-reflection activities, dance play, and intention setting.