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Give Yourself Grace, Sis

Week 3

Hello Goddess, you're doing an amazing job! Welcome to week three, this week is all about forgiving yourself.

Have you fully forgiving yourself for your past mistakes? For that poor decision you made? for getting drunk and making a scene in public? or maybe hurting someone you love? These burdens of regret can weigh you down on your journey and cause you to feel guilt and/or shame. Give yourself grace, sis. Let those moments be a learning experience and DO NOT blame yourself for not knowing what you didn't know before you learned it.

Holding on to the guilt and shame can be self-destructive leading to self-blame, misplaced anger, self-doubt, and MORE! Sooooo let's let that mess GO!

Journal Prompts:
1.) Make a list of everything you want to forgive yourself for.
2.) What would it feel like to let go of what happened?

Activity Challenge:
1.) Meditate on the truth, sit that emotion, and accept responsibility.
2.) While looking in the mirror say "I forgive myself for ______"

Music Mantra Challenge:
Let it flow by Toni Braxton
Open and close your arms to the rhythm. (imagine goddess pose or wings like a bird) This motion is allowing you to make space for your self-forgiveness and push out all the negative thoughts that have been holding you back. While closing your arms inhale and accepting your past mistakes. While opening your arms exhale releasing and forgiving yourself.



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