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Dear Future, I'm ready

Week 4

You did it!

You have the tools to conquer 2022 and conquer your life! Let the vision of your most expanded life come to you and take action towards it.
Let's leave our hurt, guilt, shame, self-doubt behind and continue to do the work. You are worthy of abundance and by raising the frequency of your own life you lift up this world and the world needs more life changers like you.
2022 is all about you! take up space this year. get out of your comfort zone. the goal is not to change yourself but to know and be yourself.

Resolution VS. Intention

A resolution is a goal you set to complete (or not complete ) LOL!
An Intention is the reason WHY you're working towards your goal. Knowing your WHY will help you on your path to achieving your resolutions because you're creating a personal connection to your outcome. When the motives behind your goal is genuine, you're more likely to succeed.

Journal Prompts:
1.) What about me did I learn during this challenge?
2.) How will I continue to workout on myself?
3.) Write your goals for 2022 and for each goal write your WHY? (intention) The reason you want to reach the goal.

Activity Challenge:
Sign up for the Develop You Workshop (link below)
Create your intention board at the Develop You workshop.

Music Mantra:
You gotta be by Desiree. This song is about not being ashamed to express your feelings and about living life to its fullest. Play this song, pump up the volume, and DANCE!



Hold Space For
Each other

Develop You



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