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Dance Movement Therapy 

A fun-filled class, arranged with joyous movements that will inspire, motivate and bring smiles to each client’s face. Through the art of music and movement, each class is set to help improve the residents' range of motion, brain function, coordination, and memory. 

We use low-impact cardio with somatic and therapeutic movement arranged to the greatest musical hits from all decades. Three major things that set us apart from any other dance and movement class.

 1.) Intentional movement. Each song is curated to align with the movement and each movement has a set intention. 

2.) PLAY! Connect with your inner child through play using various types of dance props such as; dance ribbons, bouncing balls, maracas, pom poms, and more!

3.) Each class ends with meditation, breathwork, and or guided imagery. 


Intermediate class: Fully seated suggested for assisted living with limited mobility

Advanced class: half standing half seated suggested for independent living

Private session : one on one lessons targeting your needs.


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